About Kiwi Chicks

‘Kiwi Chicks’ is a collections-driven exhibition project that explores girlhood in New Zealand during the 18th-20th centuries co-produced by Girl Museum and National Services Te Paerangi. In order to preserve NZ girl culture, this project aims to identify ‘girlhood’ objects in New Zealand museums, libraries, archives, schools, historical societies, and art galleries, and then create an exciting exhibition that informs and inspires girls of today with the stories, achievements and struggles of yesterday’s girls, as well as reaching a general audience.

Project Goals

  • Empower NZ girls with knowledge of their own histories
  • Establish a continually growing online exhibition
  • Create a collaborative online community
  • Provide a public research & educational database platform
  • Enable museums to look at their collections in a new way
  • Provide incentive to digitize new objects to share with others